Know Before You Buy

Picking the Right Surfboard

Surfer and surfboard guru, Sean Mattison talks about the importance of picking the right surfboard. If your not in the top 40 and don't surf perfect waves everyday you may want to listen to him. This may be a key to becoming a better surfer!

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Bottom Contours

Surfer and surfboard guru, Sean Mattison gives a quick lesson on different bottom contours that are on surfboards today, but not very many people understand them or even ask what they really do. Listen up, this video will make you smarter!

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Fin Templates

Surfer/Board Designer, Sean Mattison talks about fin templates and the profound effect they can make to the attitude of your surfboard. Chockfull of important information you will have to watch this video over till you know it by heart. There will be a test!

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Von Sol Fin Experimentation

Surfer / Surfboard designer Sean Mattison talks about fins and what a profound difference they can make to your surfboard and your surfing. Whether you ride a single fin, twinfin, twinzer, quad or thruster try experimenting with your fins. You will pleasantly surprised!

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