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GoBank is for those who love traveling!

GoBank is an award-winning new bank account, made to be used on a mobile phone. It's about time for GoBank—it's fast (the app and website work like your other favorites), fair (no overdraft or penalty fees) and feature-rich. If you love traveling and your conventional bank is not cutting it, then this is the way to go. Check them out!

Best Winter Wetsuits 2013-14

Board Riders Review takes a quick look at a few worthy fullsuits for the 2013-14 season. Nothing better than having a good fitting toasty wetsuit that does not break the bank! From the staple Oneill's and West to the new performance upgraded Patagonia, Isurus and Rip Curl wetsuits. There is a suit for everyone that will keep you surfing longer, stronger, faster!

Bing Surfboards World Headquarters

Royce Cansler shows Board Riders Review the new Bing Surfboards World Headquarters located in Leucadia, California. We happened to roll up while "Coffee with Matt Calvani" was going on. It is a great chance for would be buyers to talk directly with Bing shaper Matt and ask any questions they may have to help you make a decision on the vast collection of Bing surfboards and gear available. A must visit shop!

Wisdom "Sprout"

The SPROUT (NEW for 2013) - Five years of designing, testing and re-testing madness pay's off with what I consider "the perfect all around surfboard". Tested in California, Mexico, Hawaii and Indo. The Sprout has been pushed to its limit in 10ft surf at Uluwatu, Bali late November 2012... and passed with flying colors.


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