Firewire V4

This is a board we are looking forward to try. Sage Anderson at Firewire describes the Tomo designed V4 which has the DNA of the Vanguard with more of a short board outline. Can't wait!

Firewire Potato Nator

The Potato Nator by Firewire Surfboards is designed to keep you having fun in the surf. Tons of volume with some shortboard characteristics it may be your everyday go to board at your local line up while you wait for those perfect days! Go ride one, you will be stoked at how many waves you catch!

Vanguard Firewire

The outline of the Vanguard is the foundation and driving force of this highly innovative surfboard. Ultra parallel lines allow the design to be ridden smaller and narrower than previously considered functional. This is achieved by maintaining ideal rider volume with balanced foam distribution. The parallel outline reduces drag, thus increasing dynamic planing lift yielding more speed via less water resistance.

Firewire Chubby Chedda


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