Bufo 9'1 Tugboat

Surfer/Shaper Bufo Brauers talks about the 9'1 Tugboat. designed from a shorter template, this board performs extremely well in all types of conditions. It has all the aspects you would want in a surfboard. It turns, glides, noserides, and paddles with ease and fluidity making it a very dynamic board to ride.

Art in Motion Surfboards

Board Riders Review caught up with Surfer/Shaper Todd Messick with some of his quiver at Cardiff Reef. Super dynamic riding surfboards.

Wegener 9'0 Longboard

A really fun performance based 9'0 longboard from Jon Wegener at Wegener Surfboards. As always, Jon's boards work well in all types of surf and conditions, You can find him in the line-up, online or at Patagonia surfboards.

Beaver Tail by Fletcher Chouinard

If you like to slide and glide and get a good noseride then try the Beaver Tail by Fletcher Chouinard Designs. Great for tiny to med sized waves to keep your slide stoke going till the next swell hits.


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