9'4" Bing NR-2

Board Riders Review met up with Gio of Italy on a 20 day holiday, surfing his 9'4" Bing Noserider 2 Surfboard at San Onofre. He tells us a little bit about what he likes about it.

9'3" Hobie

Board Riders Review checks out a 9'3" Hobie Longboard shaped by Terry Martin as surfer Michelle tells what she likes about it and her Donald Takayama Noserider Fin and surfing in general. She even shows us how she walks to the nose.

Takayama Beach Break

Pro Longboarder, Kaitlin Maguire reviews her favorite surfboard, her Takayama Beach Break. She gives Board Riders Review an awesome explanation to why this board ranks tops in her quiver.

8'0" McTavish Girls Carver

Check out this review provided to Board Riders Review of an 8' 0" McTavish Girls Carver surfboard by Shannon of SunDiego - Belmont.


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