Marz - Action Surfwear

Marz is a new innovative surf brand that is out of this world. Headed by 15 year old Julian Davis. He brings a new twist on T-shirts, hats and even floating Bamboo sunglasses! We are excited to see what his youthful talent brings to the industry. Keep an eye on him.

MOVE 'N SEE Action Camera

MOVE 'N SEE is by far one of the best learning tools if you want to improve your surfing! Unless you are Kelly Slater or on the WCT chances are you don't have camera guys recording your every move. With the MOVE 'N SEE you can record all your ripping sessions, playback the video and see what you need to work on, simple as that! Check them out at

Viskus Surf Grip

Joe Hawkins shows Board Riders Review "Viskus" the alternative to surf wax. Great for traveling, leaving your boards in you car or office and they come in a multitude of colors, sizes and grip. Check them out!

Wahine Surf Gear

Jenny Todorov from Wahine Surf creates much needed surf products for women. From traction pads to sand colored stash bags, Her products are smart simple and fit for surf women and girls. Check them out online.


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