Surf Jimmy

Surf Jimmy is made out of a strong but smooth sailing material -- it's the product that makes putting on a wetsuit easy and fast. After all, who has time to mess with damp wetsuits when the perfect swell is just minutes away! Surf Jimmy saves surfers time and hassle. And the best part is it saves wear and tear on your wetsuits! Check them out and and order a few at Easy On

Push Fins

Push Fins is a fresh new twist to recycling those old used skate decks (Why didn't I think of that!) to make Surfboard fins! Can't wait to try a few of these!

DaFin Pro Model

Pro Body Surfer Angela Oschmann reviews the Da Fin Pro Model. One of the top body surfers on the planet Angela knows what she is talking about both in and out of the water, so listen up!

Viper Fins

Viper Fins bring more stoke to your body womping, Paipo ridng and handplaning. Designed for comfort, speed and lots fun!


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