Andy Davis Wetsuits

Surfer/Artist Andy Davis has teamed up with Billabong and created a really hip line of wetsuits for spring and summer.

Enjoy Handplane Review

Pro Body Surfer Angela Oschmann reviews a couple of her favorite Handplanes by Enjoy Handplanes. Always stoked and forever a grom Angela loves to be in the water chasing barrels. Guess that is why she is amongst the top 3 in the world of bodysurfing!

Paddle Air Ergo Bali Green

Introducing the new Bali Green Ergo Vest, a lighter, sleeveless version of our short-sleeve Ergo with new features. The Ergo Vest has a longer tube sheath that secures the inflation tube for use in larger surf and a trunk loop for a secure fit without a wetsuit. The Ergo Vest works very well under a wetsuit, but is also great for warmer water conditions.

Limp, Stinky Booties!

The cheapest, best, easy to make, environmentally friendly bootie dryer on the market for 10 cents! Keeps your booties from stinking and dry's the them out much quicker than a limp bootie and makes the freshness last longer. So make yourself a pair or two and help save our landfills!


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