Ergo by Paddle Air

The first generation of PaddleAir gave lifelong surfers an edge in the rigors of paddling. Today, a second generation of dedicated surfers can reap the benefits of this proven technology with design that conforms to both short boards and long boards. Surf longer, paddle stronger with Ergo from PaddleAir.

Jolyn Surfwear

Anna Santoro gives Board Riders Review a quick peek at the Jolyn bikini she uses in the North Shore surf. If it's good enough for Anna, it's definitely good enough for you!

Solarez Surfboard

You can glass a surfboard with Solarez! Just to prove it, Solarez did it and let me try this super fun board. What will the think of next!. The beauty is it can be done quickly and without the toxic chemicals normally used to glass a conventional surfboard. Solarez is just not ding repair anymore!

Surf-fur Waterproof Parka

Founder Cynthia Issel gives Board Riders Review a quick rundown on The Surf-fur Watersports Parka, a Fleece Parka that is Exceptionally Warm, and functionally different than anything else on the market with features such as Zen Changing Pockets, Full Reversibility, and Windproof Waterproof characteristics. So whatever your water sport is, These are a must!


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