Watershot iPhone Housing

Cases cover. Housings protect. Watershot® is built to live in the water and withstand rocks, reefs, salt, sand and extreme pressure. Full suspension system "floats" your iPhone inside the housing for maximum protection. Can't wait to get it out in the surf!

Roxy Syncro Springsuit

Janeene Lovell talks about her Roxy Syncro Springsuit. Fashionable, form fitting and most important, functional. She surfs unhindered and still looks great!

3D Fins

Its better than surfing on golf balls! 3D fins dimple technology brings a new fin to the high performance surfing world. We rode the Josh Kerr signature Moonrakkerr fin several times and were not able to feel any real significant difference. Perhaps Josh or the top 100 sufers could easy notice so we will continue trying till we can! Go check them out, better yet try a set!

FCS Changing Poncho

Heather Hargas of Siempre Stoked keeps her assets covered up with her nifty poncho by FCS. Designed to discreetly change in and out of your wetsuit it also serves as an inexpensive anti- "I was looking at the hot chick and I crashed cause she dropped her towel, officer!" device.


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