ERGO by PaddleAir (Review)

WaveGrinder Fins

Board Riders Review came across Doug Simpson at the Sacred Craft Show in San Diego and talked with him about his unusual surfboard fins. Doug explains the physics and familiarity of his hydrodynamic creation. Watch for a follow up video of our test rides of the WaveGrinder Fins.

Indo Boards

Board Riders Review met up with the Chip, VP of Indo Boards to check out what Indo Boards are all about. They seem like a good product to improve balance and posture and great for fitness training. Whether they improve your surfing is still to be seen. But it makes sense that it probably does. If you are an Indo Board user and you have a testimonial on whether or not they improve your boarding, let Board Riders Review know.

Versasurf Review - Hawaiian Style

Jared, member of the Hawaiian Surf Club, talks to Board Riders Review about Versasurf Traction. Check out this video and see what he has to say about his waxless surfboard.


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