Album Surfboards

Matt Parker, surfer shaper at Album Surfboards shows us his collection of surfboards at a recent show. From grovelers, hybrids, to performance boards Matt does it all with fun in mind. I will take one of each, just can't decide on the color.

Bing Surfboards World Headquarters

Royce Cansler shows Board Riders Review the new Bing Surfboards World Headquarters located in Leucadia, California. We happened to roll up while "Coffee with Matt Calvani" was going on. It is a great chance for would be buyers to talk directly with Bing shaper Matt and ask any questions they may have to help you make a decision on the vast collection of Bing surfboards and gear available. A must visit shop!

Ezra Surfboards

The future is here! Meet Ezra Surfboards Surfer/Shaper Zach Flores. Yes he is young but he is way ahead of most of us when it comes to shaping and ripping on a surfboard. Under the wing of some of the best shapers to date, he is only going to get better. Keep an eye on Zach. Can't wait to watch him grow and mature!

Jam Surfboards

O'side local wins all his heats and the final! Paul "Pluey" Pugliesi rips the competition on his Jam Surfboards. "When you get that magic board, all things are good"! Finding a good shaper is the key to winning events, improving your surfing or just having more fun, so check out Jam Surfboards!


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