Bing Surfboards World Headquarters

Royce Cansler shows Board Riders Review the new Bing Surfboards World Headquarters located in Leucadia, California. We happened to roll up while "Coffee with Matt Calvani" was going on. It is a great chance for would be buyers to talk directly with Bing shaper Matt and ask any questions they may have to help you make a decision on the vast collection of Bing surfboards and gear available. A must visit shop!

Bing Surfboards Matt Calvani

Board Riders Review caught up with Bing shaper Matt Calvani at San Onofre. Watch this video as he talks about some of his surfboards and his thoughts on the industry and how he helps customers select the board for their skill level.

9'4" Bing NR-2

Board Riders Review met up with Gio of Italy on a 20 day holiday, surfing his 9'4" Bing Noserider 2 Surfboard at San Onofre. He tells us a little bit about what he likes about it.

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