Firewire V4

This is a board we are looking forward to try. Sage Anderson at Firewire describes the Tomo designed V4 which has the DNA of the Vanguard with more of a short board outline. Can't wait!

Wisdom "Sprout"

The SPROUT (NEW for 2013) - Five years of designing, testing and re-testing madness pay's off with what I consider "the perfect all around surfboard". Tested in California, Mexico, Hawaii and Indo. The Sprout has been pushed to its limit in 10ft surf at Uluwatu, Bali late November 2012... and passed with flying colors.

Ezra Surfboards

The future is here! Meet Ezra Surfboards Surfer/Shaper Zach Flores. Yes he is young but he is way ahead of most of us when it comes to shaping and ripping on a surfboard. Under the wing of some of the best shapers to date, he is only going to get better. Keep an eye on Zach. Can't wait to watch him grow and mature!

Von Sol Mantis XTR 7C

If the regular Mantis wasn't wicked enough, Sean Mattison at Von Sol Surfboards decided to XTR it and add Carbon! Absolutely off the richter!


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