Wegener 9'0 Longboard

A really fun performance based 9'0 longboard from Jon Wegener at Wegener Surfboards. As always, Jon's boards work well in all types of surf and conditions, You can find him in the line-up, online or at Patagonia surfboards.

Wegener Surfboards "Weggener"

A great blend of template outline, bottom contour and foam in the right place makes this Weggener a real fun board to ride. Jon Wegener makes just about anything for having fun water you can imagine. As a great shaper and surfer he rides everything he makes and he rides it well. Look for him online and follow him on Facebook for upcoming demos on his boards.

Wegener 9'8" Woodie

Wood is good! Jon Wegener made this amazing longboard that weighs in at around 33 lbs! and offers an amazing experience to your longboarding. This board will really clean up your surfing and bring some soul back to your style.

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