Bufo 9'1 Tugboat

Surfer/Shaper Bufo Brauers talks about the 9'1 Tugboat. designed from a shorter template, this board performs extremely well in all types of conditions. It has all the aspects you would want in a surfboard. It turns, glides, noserides, and paddles with ease and fluidity making it a very dynamic board to ride.

Bufo Tugboat

We were blown away by the Tugboat by Bufo! It surfs great in small grovelly surf and excels in overhead surf! Paddles great, turns very well and responds very quickly. Fantastic outline for any surfer wanting to try a smaller board or go to a larger one. One of the funnest boards we have ever ridden!

Bufo "Shitburger" Test Ride

Bufo Brauers makes some of the most interesting and fun to ride surfboards around. Always trying new materials, shapes and dimensions, Bufo's "Shitburger" was a blast to surf. Being a heavy front footed surfer, it added a new dimension to my surfing by forcing me to control with the back foot and surf like I was in the WCT! Stoked!

Hydroflex InCide Carbon Core


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