Bufo "Shitburger"

Bufo Brauers, the man behind the Hydroflex technology, created the "Shitburger" for the "shitty days" of surf. A dynamic new take for a small wave board, Bufo blended a unique mix of volume, subtle concave and mild vee to make this board surf and accelerate off the tail and feel like your favorite shortboard, even on micro waves!

Bufo 80's Twist

Another crazy fun board by Bufo, The 80's Twist. The genius behind Hydroflex 3D technology, Bufo Brauers is constantly coming up with something fun to ride!

Hydro Flex Teamlite

Hydroflex has a glassing technology for every type of surfing you need or do! Listen to Ian describe the new team lite glassing.


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