Bufo Tugboat

We were blown away by the Tugboat by Bufo! It surfs great in small grovelly surf and excels in overhead surf! Paddles great, turns very well and responds very quickly. Fantastic outline for any surfer wanting to try a smaller board or go to a larger one. One of the funnest boards we have ever ridden!

Wegener Surfboards "Weggener"

A great blend of template outline, bottom contour and foam in the right place makes this Weggener a real fun board to ride. Jon Wegener makes just about anything for having fun water you can imagine. As a great shaper and surfer he rides everything he makes and he rides it well. Look for him online and follow him on Facebook for upcoming demos on his boards.

Hansen 6'10 Superlight

Board Riders Review had a chance to ride the 6'10 Hansen Superlight. Slightly pinched rails, round bottom and 3/4 stringer. it is a shortened version of Hansen boards from the 60's and 70's. After Hansen's board buyer, Jesse coached me on how to ride it, It became really fun and glidey. Surfing courtesy of Shane Lovell. Go check them out at Hansen's Boardroom.

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