Zen Plexi

Zen Surfer/ Shaper Cal Schafer keeps making really good boards that work very well in all types of waves and conditions. Introducing the "Plexi" a work horse and one quiver surfboard.

Meyerhoffer Slip In

The Modern Single fin.
Inspired by the classic pintails of the 1970s, we have created a modern single fin with dynamic performance features. Slip In mixes glide-style retro surfing with turn-based performance surfing: draw either a classic line or an entirely new one. This duality makes Slip In ideal for almost any kind of wave.

Bufo "Shitburger" Test Ride

Bufo Brauers makes some of the most interesting and fun to ride surfboards around. Always trying new materials, shapes and dimensions, Bufo's "Shitburger" was a blast to surf. Being a heavy front footed surfer, it added a new dimension to my surfing by forcing me to control with the back foot and surf like I was in the WCT! Stoked!

Einstein Asymmetrical Twins

Consummate shaper, Barry Snyder seems to always be on the leading cusp of innovation and change when it comes to surfboard design and making them work. Still handshaping every piece of foam (and other materials like Agave) that crosses his path, Barry defies convention with these twin Asymmetrical Einstein Surfboards. Loved these boards! Check out Barry Snyder Designs for tons of info on Barry and his boards.


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